Play Sans Simulator 2 Player Game

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Sans Simulator is a cool 2 player game which is loved by kids. It is a great online game created by Spacer789. The game is a simulator game that features Sans – the main character in the role-playing video game Undertale.

Controls :

Player 1 (Sans):

WASD – Control soul gravity
Z – Fire bones
X – Summon Gaster Blasters
IJKL – Move Sans
Space – Change Soul Color (Gravity/No Gravity)
Bones/Gaster Blasters Go to your mouse and they point to the soul.
(NEW) Press 1 to switch Gaster Blaster size
(NEW) Press 2 to switch from normal to long bones
(NEW) Press C to add a platform, press V to add a moving one.
(NEW) Press 0 and while touching a platform with the mouse to delete it

Player 2: (Soul)

Arrow Keys: Move
M: Fight


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