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You came to abandoned toy factory to find mysterious Poppy Doll. You have 5 days. Watch out for Huggy Wuggy! He can hear you, always! Try to stay as quiet as you can! In order to get that doll, you have to find specific items that will help you unlock the box, where she’s being kept. Also, you can chose the shooter mode and get your revenge on that mean Huggy Wuggy. Choice is yours! Good Luck!
The objective of the game in the different game modes is to escape from the clutches of the creepy Huggy wuggy and shoot until he is eliminated, but you must move quickly and hide so that he does not catch you!

Controls :

+ Escape Controls: W,A,S,D to Move. F to Interact/Hide/Use Item. G to Drop Item. T to Unhide. Escape to Pause. C to Crouch
+ Shooter Controls: W A S D to walk around. Mouse to Look around. Left Mouse Button to Fire. Right Mouse Button to Aim Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons.
G for Grenades. R to Reload. F to Pickup Items. Left Shift to Run. Left CTRL to Crouch. X to Prone. V to Melee. Space to Jump


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