Gun Mayhem 3 is a creative action packed game which is an updated version of its predecessor’s gun mayhem 1 and 2. It is a fun game to play because of the good graphics with a good three dimensional experience. The game is designed to have 18 characters, a total variety of 29 weapons and it goes up to level 15.

Controls :

There are two options you can play Gun Mayhem 3. We have single player where you can choose to play the game one person at a time or the two players where the game is played by two players. The quest of the game is to shoot or bomb and kill as many enemies as possible to graduate to the next level. A player must be alert and kill the enemy before they kill him because a player has got only 5 lives. If all the lives are exhausted the game will end. For navigation in the game in either left or right direction the” left” and” right” arrow keys are used. To jump the “up” key is used. To block attacks use the “down” key. The “X” key is used for throwing bombs and “Z” key is used to attack and shoot enemies. The Gun Mayhem 3 is a a good game that can help one relax because this action filled game is a sure way to keep your mind off things as you play it.


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