Play Elsa s Dirty Laundry Game


Description : Elsa and Olaf were having a great time skating around, when suddenly

they found the same pool of mud and they both decided to run their

skates though it. The result was definitely a disaster: Olaf was broken

into thousands of pieces and Queen Elsa’s elegant dress is a huge mess.

Why don’t you ladies step in getting ‘Elsa’s Dirty Laundry’ game started

to help Elsa fix Olaf and then Olaf to do Elsa’s laundry? You are going

to have so much fun, that’s for sure! Click and drag the items to their

right place in order to put funky Olaf back together and then help him

with the dirty clothes. Separate the colorful clothes from the white

ones, then put each pile of clothes in the washing machine and pour the

right type of detergent to properly wash Elsa’s clothes! Good job,

ladies! Now let the clothes dry and make sure to return later to help

Olaf iron Elsa’s dresses before putting them back in her closet! Now, as

a bonus, you also get to dress Frozen Elsa in your favourite dress from

her collection! Have a great time playing the ‘Elsa’s Dirty Laundry’

Controls : Mouse to play.<br>

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