Play Cyber Chaser Counterthrust Game


Description : It is time to take revenge to Aliens for their treacherous invasion. This gun-run game combines the exciting gameplay of Joyride Jetpack and insane old-school action of Contra. Unlimited fun is waiting for you again!

Slide, jump, shoot and smash ur way through the alien menace on each level. Collect power-ups blast things like crazy and avoid spikes. Jump over holes in the floor and over walls that block ur way. It's all action and all madness once it begins. Master the simple controls and u will be fine and the aliens will get their just desserts. Click the controls at random and u will soon be dead...

Good luck and remember to upgrade!
Controls : Mouse button or up arrow key to jump. Double click for higher jump. Down arrow or space to slide.

Jump followed by a slide will allow you to smash things on the ground.

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