Play Snowboard slopes Game


Description : Fast and fun game of Snowboard with several levels, different characters, many tricks, big jumps and many surprises.\n
Controls : SLIDING:\r\nArrow key left: Slow down & Stand-up.\r\nArrow key right: Speed up.\r\n\r\nIN-AIR:\r\nArrow keys left & right: Adjust landing angle.\r\nArrow keys up & down: Trick rotation.\r\n\r\nTRICKS:\r\n"A" key: Trick 1 easy.\r\n"Z" key: Trick 2 easy.\r\n"S" key: Trick 1 medium.\r\n"X" key: Trick 2 medium.\r\n"D" key: Trick 1 hard.\r\n"C" key: Trick 2 hard.\n

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