Play Operation rescue candy Game


Description : Dave, the barbarian must save Candy. There are three ways to save her. On the first stage you will see pieces of the pictures of a characters, so you have to figure out which character it is before the time runs out. On the second stage you must copy the same movements that Chuckles does, you have two flags, one red and other white, use R key to raise red flag, F kay to lower red flag, I key to raise white flag and K key to lower white flag. On the third stage you have to remember the order wich characters appear. If you complete all the floors of all stage, you will rescue Candy.\r\n\r\n\n
Controls : Floor 1-10:\r\nUse mouse to play the level.\r\n\r\nLevel 11-20:\r\nR, F - Raise / Lower Red Flag.\r\nI, J - Raise / Lower White Flag.\r\n\r\nLevel 21-30:\r\nUse mouse to play the level.\n

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