Play Ninja golf Game


Description : After many long years of are finally ready for the most difficult test of all. 9 holes that is! Your quest for nirvana can only be fulfilled by using all your ninja skills. Our ninja doesn\'t have a golf cart so he must run to where he punted the ball. Watch out for enemies as you go. At the end of each course, you face a dragon of ultimate power. Use left and right to dodge fireballs and "S" or space to throw shirukens.\n
Controls : When Fighting:\r\nLeft/Right arrow- Move left or right.\r\nSpacebar- Jumps.\r\nA- Ninja kick.\r\nS- Throw Shurikens.\r\n\r\nWhen Golfing:\r\nLeft/Right arrow- To aim.\r\nSpacebar- To shoot.\n

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