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1. Your site must not have adult content.
2. You must link to us using one of these linking codes:

<a href="">Free Games</a>

3. You must have your own domain name (not a freewebs, myspace, etc page).
4. You must not send fraudulent traffic or traffic generated by scripts/tools etc. Cheating will get you banned from our network.

The friends list is automatically re-ordered regularly based on the amount of incoming traffic. The more traffic you send to, the higher your site will appear on the list. It's as simple as that.

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Reciprocal Link Check: please make sure that you have already put our link on your website! The reciprocal link is the page where our link is.
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New rules of link exchange with and all our portals

We only link exchange with Flash Game Websites

All websites that do not abide by the following rules will be removed without notice :
- Linking to porn sites
- Linking to casino or gambling sites
- That don't link back to us
- Using the nofollow option
- Do not send a minimum of 1 click per week
- That do not have at least 1 of our games
- Isn't in compliance with: Bad Neighborhood

We want to link exchange with serious people and that meet certain other criteria :
- You do not have a PR 0 in the front page,
- You do not use the correct anchor that we ask for (Free Games),
- You do not have a good Alexa,
- You do not send any traffic,
- You send traffic to other sites,
- You do not link to your link exchange from your front page,
- Etc

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